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Gyeonggi Incheon Machinery Industrial Cooperative

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Leading the Development of Small and Medium Size Machinery Industry in Gyeonggi, Incheon
Gyeonggi Incheon Machinery Industrial Cooperative

Organizational Strengthening

  • Strengthen expansive business progress and exchange for each industry
  • Induce Active Participation and Strengthen Relations of the Members through the Foundation Day, seminars and social gatherings
  • Direct Production Investigation and Cooperative Project Promotion
  • Increase New Member Registrations
  • Expand Regional Support through MOUs with Small and Medium Business Organizations in Gyeonggi and Incheon regions
  • Strengthen Cooperation with Support Organizations such as the Gyeonggi, Incheon Small and Business Administration, Procurement Agency and Small and Medium Business Cooperation

Member Cooperation and Status Advancement

  • Management Difficulties and Policy Change Proposal to the National Government
  • Aid in Government Awards of the Executives and Staff of the Members
  • Expand Social Support Projects for the Low-income Population
  • Regularization of Visits to the Cooperative Executives and Staff
  • Social Gatherings for the Executives and Staff of the Member Companies
  • Aid in Member Promotion through Media Promotion
  • Cooperative and Member Promotion through Cooperative Website Vitalization
  • Promotional Contents Creation Support for the Members (Songdo T/P, Gyeonggi T/P, Industrial Complex Corporation)

Member Sales Channel Support

  • Increase Private Contract Projects
  • Vitalization of Private Contracts for Common Brands such as Stage Machinery and Deodorizer
  • Direct Participation and Salesmen Dispatch to Popular Exhibits Domestic and Abroad
  • Support Media Promotion of Outstanding Products and New Technologies of the Members
  • Pioneer Bidding Economy of the Private Market

Management and Technical Training

  • Participated in Small and Medium Business Management Innovation Platform Construction Project “Intra-industry Cooperation Solution”
  • Technical Development and Support through Common Technology Development of the Members 〈Small and Medium Business Administration, National Federation〉
  • Chief Executive Seminar in Jeju Island
  • Management Support for the Members through Inspection of the Outstanding Members of Each Industry
  • Management and Technical Seminars
  • Employee Capability Training Support (Throughout the Year)
  • Proposal to the National Government to Eliminate Management Difficulties
  • Small and Medium Business Development Policy and Other Support Policy Promotion

Common Project Expansion

  • Group Purchase and Funding for Raw Materials
  • Supply Raw and Subsidiary Materials that the Members Require
  • Pig Iron, Iron Plate Business Vitalization through the Federation
  • Group Purchase Support through Co-op Projects with the National Federation
  • Taegwang cc Membership

Cooperative Complex Construction

  • Construct Small and Medium Machinery Cluster Industrial Complex in Ansung
  • Cooperative Complex for the Members in the Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City

Import and Export Support Vitalization

  • Dispatch Inspection Teams to Famous Exhibits Abroad in Related Industries
  • Support the Active Expansion into the Foreign Market by Supporting Member-interested Exhibits and Construct a Korea Pavilion
  • Foreign Market Pioneer and Market Inspector Dispatch and Appoint Specialty Advisors

Promotional Activities

  • Strengthen Public Relations of the Cooperative
  • Create and Distribute Promotional Pamphlet for the Cooperative and the Members
  • Promote Products by the Members Online in the Domestic Market


  • Support Member Credit Rating Evaluation
  • Discover Consulting Firms Regarding Certification and Promote Cooperative Projects
  • Group Purchase Cooperative Projects for Software
  • Active Participation into Projects of Common Interest to the Members
  • Energy-saving Consulting (LED Lamp) Support for the Members