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Product Catalog

This is a page about the product that Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning / Water treatment machine and
Pump / Stage Machinery / General Industries’s Machines produced by GIMICO's Member

Refrigerator & Air-Conditioning
Variable Air Volume System Air Cooler
Air Compressor Air conditioning system
Air conditioning plant Component
Sharp freezer Air-washer Humidifier
Coolant Machine Air Conditioner
Cradle Valve
Controller Refrigerator
Freezer Panel Cooling System
Duct Walk-in refrigerator
Damper Radiator
Aseptic Room Radiator system
Radiant Heat Door Noise & Vibration Control
Ice thermal storage system Industrial Cooling System
Industrial refrigeration plant (Plan and Equipment) Electric Fan
Silencer Sample storage
Food processing container Air Dryer
Air shower Fan Heater
Cold Chamber Electrode humidifier
Electric heater dehumidifier
Air Cleaner Cryogenic refrigerator, Blood refrigerator,
Condensing Unit Clean room system
Freezer Filter
Thermo-Hygrostat Absorption Chiller-Heater
Heating pipe Heating Pump
GHP, EHP Hepa box
Stationary Evacuator, Hood Cap Duct-Inline Blower
Air Exhauster Manufacturing Industrial Blower
Stove Hood Air Foil Fan
Axial Fan Sirocco Fan
Turbo Fan Jet Fan for Tunnel
Submersible pump(Deep-Drilled Well) Non-seal Pump
Multistage Volute pump Multistage turbine pump
Line pump Mono Pump
Motor-phram pump, Sheave Vortex pump
Booster Pump Industrial Pump
Submersible drainage pump Submersible diagonal flow pump
Submersible Axial Pump Submersible Pump
Screw pump Spurt Pump
Sludge Pump Double sucktion type Volute Pump
Air Pump Coagulation Submersible Motor Pump
Centrifugal Pump Hydraulic Motor/Pump
Vertical type Multistage turbine pump Vertical type pump
Circulation Pump Vacuum Pump
Crane motor Special pump/Large
Pump motor Pump header
Single suction volute pump Piston pump
Housing Motor
Environmental Equipment
Gas holder Decelerator, Cyclo, Turntable
High-speed fermentor Prevention of environmental pollution control
Whisk Water tank
Bio-clod Water supply Piping materials
Diffuser Oxidizer generator
Water and sewage metal fitting Water and sewage equipment
Soaping machine Incinerator, Prevention Air-pollution system
Sterilizer Sluice gate(nonmetal)
Water treatment equipment for pool Aquarator
Prevention of water pollution equipment Water treatment equipment
Screw press Screen
Skip Hoist Strainer
Sludge collector Coagulant Feeding System
Filter Chlorine Neutralizing equipment
Ozone apparatus Waste water disposal plant
Water park facility Centrifuge
Aggregator Ion scale buster
Auto-classifier Auto melter
Storage tank Electromagnetic Flow meter, Environmental measuring instrument, Exploration equipment
Willow Dust Collector
Dust Collect system Extracter
Mediation excavator Mediation extractor
Cake storage Conveyer
Carburetter Spin-Dryer
Deodorization facility Deodorization waste-disposal unit
Soil remediation equipment Surface Aerator
Filter Press Sewage handling pump
Sewage handling Equipment Saltwater filter
Sea environment equipment Inpurity remover
Inpurity control system Hopper
compounder Chemical instrument, dehydration equipment
Environmetal equipment RPF facility
Stage Machinery
Stage machinery (Under stage) Stage machinery
Stage curtain Stage luminaire
Baton Acoustical cloud
Transportation & Up/Unloading
Gondola Marline iron fittings
Vessel Eugene component, repair(chain, shackle) Marline Fittings
Conveying machinery DC Motor for vehicle
Parking Equipment (simplicity) Keeper, Container component
General Machinery & Parts
Stove component Scissors & sickle
Steel coil Decelerator
Steel plate Gun Drill Machine
Construction Material (Heavy Equipment and component) Dryer, Vacuum evaporation, Paddle dryer
Architecture materials Gantry Loader
Flat Plate, Fuselage Measuring machine
Measuring instrument component Dielectric heating equipment
Masticator Tools
Tube Furnace Industrial Cutting Knife
Industrial Sewing Machine component Machine Tool (Component)
Factory automation Pipe fitting for welding
Educative tools and materials Educative Equipment
Ductile cast iron Structural Steel Product
Digging Drill bit Winch
Jewelry Processing Machine Steel Plate, Controller
Homogenizer Oil for Metal Processing
Metal Assembly Metal Casting
Metal Surface Treatment Metal Fastner
Mold Die Steel
Metal fitting piece Machining
Mechanical Power Electric Panel
Machine component (precision) Machine component, gasket, packing
Machine equipment Gear and motor
Industrial Gear others
Evaporator Gas Blender
"Kimchi" processing machine Screw, Nail, Wire
Refractory manufacturing facilities Nozzle, Spray
Agricultural machine component Agricultural products processing machine
Agricultural cutting machine Thickener
Die casting(Al) Forging(Machine, Shipbuilding, vehicle, engine)
Forging Flange, Fitting, Special steel flange Cigarette Manufacturing Machine
Plating (Zinc and so on) Door, Module
Painting Instrument Swipper
Slaughter Machine Copper Pipe
Power Transmission gear, Coupling Drilling machine
Disk Raschel Machine
Socket Laser cutting, Bending bar
Weaving machine Roller(rubber), Handle
Robot (component) Rope manufacturing machine
Roller Thread rolling machine
Linear bushing Mounting Bracket
Seaweed Laver manufacturing machine Manhole(cover)
sterilizer Singeing Machine
Motor core, Carving Machine Wood processing machine
Mold base Rice washing machine
Doorknob hanger Distribution automation facility
Chemical Analysis machine Mixer, Granulator
Milling Needle (for editor and so on)
Barricade Semiconductor component
Effector Balancing machine
Generator, Turbine component Generating facility (tools, materials and component)
Whisk Fermenting machine
Radiant heat door Radiation product
Sound-Broadcasting Equipment, Receiver, Tubular compactor
Plumbing Plumbing materials
Culture Medium Back up roll
Band Valve Tester
Bus Seat component Bearing, wheel, Hub
Band, Staple Bending, Canning
transformer Cold Insulant
Boring machine Boring drilling machine
Bolt, Nut, Linette Sewing needle
Non-woven fabrics machine Pulverizer
Powder Machine Nonferrous metals
Nondestructive test method Office chair, Mechanism
Injection Molding machine Industrial machinery component
Industrial oven Industrial Rubber product
Industrial Robot Industrial Automation machinery
Heavy equipment filter Sterilizer
Shovel, Hinge Shearing machine
Sash Sand Corrector
Oil stove Switch box for Ship
Component for ship (Eugene and so on) Fire extinguisher for ship
Shelf Cleanser(Ultrasonic waves)
Washing machine Sensor, motor, drive
Incinerator, Movement office Acoustimeter
Suppression system Storable Stand
Switchboard Marine product processing machine
Processed marine products Marine product processing system
Numerical Control Pure water manufacturing equipment
Shield, Ship outfit, Circuit breaker Super press, Super Dry
Snap ring Stainless pipe, Fresh water system, U-Rib
Stainless (piece) Steel Grating
Spray Booth Spring
Spindle Slide
Tester Test piece & Jig processing
Food processing machine Wire Elongating Machine, Softener
Rice Bin CTR, Tapette
Aluminum extruded product Pressure vessel, Air tank
Rolling machine Rolling roll, Special roll
Extruder, Press Liquefied / High-pressure gas, vessel valve
Angle, Fence, Shelf Water Pump
Air component, metal products Elbow
Buff stick Grind magnet plant
Tube & sheet for Heat exchanger Heat treating furnace
Heat treating furnace Dyeing machine
O-ring, Friction Crutch Oil
Oil Separator, Bracket Washer
Welding Machine, Electric heater Welding materials
Urethane Panel Umbrella
Mail Separator Sterilizer
Air/Oil hydraulic cylinder Unit (component)
Unit Bearing Oil hydraulic equipment (component, cylinder)
Air/Oil hydraulic equipment hydraulic Oil press
Lubricant, Grease sealer
Food recycling system Pull-out machine
Ginseng processing machine Printer
Artificial Leather Tall processing
Automatic packer Automatic tool changer
Automatic Leakage check machine Automatic Pressing unity equipment
Automatic oil-press tomson press Transfer equipment
Car inspection equipment Car structure and finishing materials
Parts of automobile Automobile production facility
Gauge Auto Linen and cotton controler
Automation equipment (component, production line ) Door Lock
Embroidering machine, Beam, body Sewing machine component
Winder Stock Container production
Electric Furnace Electric installation equipment (socket, box)
Electric socket, Electric motor(shaft)
Drive equipment Electric componanets
Folding machine Cutting machine
Cutting work Maching of metals
Precision fitting Precision instrument component
Precision plate Medicine manufacturing machine
Controlling board Iron manufacture facility
Iron Steel manufacturing plant Grass cutter
Shoemaking machine Prefabricated building
Lighting Tower Paper cutter
Casting(Pig iron) Kitchen Utensils
Cast-iron pipe (water and sewage) Cast-iron fittings (water and sewage)
Heavy equipment (component) Distiller
Weaving machine component Rectilineal motion system
Vacuum equipment Car Welding robot (system)
Steel product, steel frame Steel industries
Iron Steel structure
Railroad car component Iron door
Iron content Wire, rifling
Wire assembly product Iron scrap
Steel display stand Processed Iron steel plate
Steel plate cutting Chain, Snap
Chain Drum Measuring Analysis instrument
Handpiece Dental Technician Cover Laser
Casting Coupling
Container component Cast, Handcar
casing Colbert Poly
Concrete Products Compressor Manufacture
Crusher, Pipe Mold Clean-auto send-back system
Crutch Cylinder Tire manufacture facility
Tile Production machine Hi-speed Divider for threshing
Water tank, Solar energy Solar heat equipment
Tap, Dies, End mill Tap, Valve and so on
Tungsten Braid Power saw(saw blade)
Wood chipper Communication equipment
Doubler, 2for1 Twisting machine Tractor
Special Steel Machine manufacturer for special use
Special alloyed steel, Centrifugal casting roll Pallet
Pipe (special, normal, stainless, steel, ferule.) Sower, Sprayer
Plating machine Punching
Paging Closed-circuit television
Heat-recovery equipment Polyester production machine
Polyethylene Pourri production, Belt
Plastic products Press Protection equipment
Press ppter Plastic bubble compress
Plant facility Piston
Piston Crown Harmonic drive
Plywood production machine Aircraft engine, tools
Hub Headlever, cover
Brown rice controller Hose reel
Demister with wire mesh White metal bearing
Chemical machine manufacture Chemical plant
Round bar Flat-Knitting machine, V-bed knitting machine
Grey cast iron Grey cast iron FC
Frypan Grip Flange (wind power generation)
Clamp CNC, Marker
Crane automation machine Deek-Plate
Dissoover, pearl mill, Planetary mixer, Vessel, Rneader Kneader Flang fltting
FMS equipment Manifold unit
PE pipe PP, PE back plant
Set, Anchor Sheave, Sheel, Head
Spot welding U-Tube