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    Water-processing Pump

    Water-processing Pump(TVR Rype Evaporator)

    1. Theory

    The basic principle is almost as same as MVR concentrator. It may be distinguished in terms of the fact that the latent heat of evaporation energy is generated from the concentrator itself and it may be MVR type if it uses high pressure compressor or TVR if using steam ejector.
    The system is a TVR concentrator in which high pressure steam is supplied to ejector and the vapor evaporated from the concentrator is inhaled into ejector to reuse it as the heat source of evaporation


    2. Feature and Use

    It is suitable for a system to concentrate a material of which boiling point is high as it contains substances with high concentration and high boiling point.
    It does not need high power and may process large volume.
    It has high energy saving effect as it generates latent heat and evaporate circulating material by using evaporated steam.

    It is suitable for high concentrated wastewater that may possibly generate scale



    General(Auto Packing System)

    Product Feature
    Auto Packing System completely automates the process of packing bags (open bag, PP, PE) with products that are measured by automatic scale and sewing or sealing bags when it comes to bagging of powder materials. It automatically hangs the bag on the chuck, fills the bag, and transfers the bag to conveyor. After then, the Bagging Machine seals up the bag by sewing and sealing.



    General(Constant Feeder Weigher)

    Product Feature
    Constant Feeder Weigher supplies various materials and additives to continuous mill or mixer with consecutive quantity. Since it runs 24 hours a day, it requires durability and exactitude, and should be easy to inspect and repair. Kyung Sung D.S designs appropriate Constant Feeder Weigher according to consumer's demand based on the site condition so that your company can improve productivity and quality. It is mainly used for cement, chemical, and steel factories, and the demand from food and feed factories is recently increasing thanks to its excellence and superior performance.

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