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This is a GIMICO's Member that Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning / Water treatment machine and Pump /
Stage Machinery / General Industries in Gyeonggi/Incheon

This subcommittee is composed of stage machinery producers and the purpose of the subcommittee is to achieve a balanced development of the member companies and discover various support policies and training policies in order to improve the domestic stage device industry and the cooperation within the industry.

Membership Qualification

Member companies that possess the facilities and personnel for the production and quality control of stage machinery


This subcommittee seeks to achieve various purposes to change according to the stage facility by creatively researching stage machineries for various events such as protests, concerts and cultural spaces and it seeks to

  • Focus on the improvement of the quality of the stage machinery
  • Develop new products and study pioneering activities in the domestic and foreign markets to improve sales
  • Discover ways to obtain more contracts for the group in order for the members of this subcommittee to develop

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    Haonatec CO., LTD.

    Haonatec Co., Ltd. is Korea’s leading stage setting manufacturer that has designed, produced, and constructed concert hall stage settings since its foundation in 1994. Recently, Haon atec Co., Ltd. has focused its research and investment resources into the control system which is the very brain of stage settings, while obtaining the New Excellent Product certificate for the first time in the industry. The control system also has been designated by the Public Procurement Service as an excellent product. In 2016, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism selected it as the managing organization for cultural technology businesses worth 3.2 billion won. Haon atec Co., Ltd. continues its research on the safe stage system that meets the standards of SIL3, which is the highest safety grade in Europe, and adopts world-best technologies. To maximize effects with minimal budgets, Haon atec provides an optimal and innovative system, examining the entire process thoroughly right from the planning stage. Thank you very much.