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Gyeonggi Incheon Machinery Industrial Cooperative

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This is a GIMICO's Member that Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning / Water treatment machine and Pump /
Stage Machinery / General Industries in Gyeonggi/Incheon

This subcommittee is composed of the producers of general industrial machinery and the purpose of the subcommittee is to discover and conduct various support policies and development policies in order to achieve a balanced growth of the member companies.

Membership Qualification

Member companies that possess the facilities and personnel for the production of general industrial machinery


  • Cooperative technology development for the standardization of the member production and the improvement of technological level
  • Protect the rights and interests of the members and discover various support policies and projects for management stability
  • Collect opinions for the healthy development of the members and improve member management
  • Support the members in obtaining contracts to create demand and strengthen public relations

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    CLESON Co.,Ltd


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    Dong Yang Hoist Crane

    Dong Yang Hoist Crane Corporation was establishde in 2006 by Woon dong Kim Our company started making geard motors only. Mr. Kim was so grateful for the consumers of Dong-Yang Geard Motor. So he decided to make electric wire rope hoist. He had over fifteen-year experience as an engineer about electric wire rope hoists all over the countries. And he wanted to make his ideal machine. Finally in 2015 August he took out patent for motor. He will never stop developing the machine to make safe and noiselessly.

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    Hankook Fujee Industries Co., Ltd.

    Since 1978 we are manufacturing and distributing meat processing facilities and developed techniques based on our company values, harmony, creation and prosperity. We are acknowledged across the country for thorough quality control and perfect follow-up service. We are also exporting worldwide, and specifically to Japan, Thailand, China and Southeast Asia, as well as US, Canada, Mexico, Russia and other European countries. Fujee Industry will live up to your high expectations and affection by devoting our passion to globalizing our meat processing techniques and facilities.

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    Kyung Sung D.S has been stably supplying the best industrial transfer and automation system of Korea domestically and globally since our establishment in 2003. We also have been raising our technical independence and establishing our foothold as a professional maker. Now, with great pride, the whole staff of Kyung Sung D.S will supply fine- quality products according to the client"s need with high technology, and make sure that there will be no discomfort on using products by strengthening after-sales service. We will not be satisfied with neither our success in the past nor the present, but jump up to become "the best maker in the world" based on our technology and experience developed in the last 10 years. In the 21st century, we are extending our territory globally, and enlarging our field of business from weigh scale system to industrial factory engineering, procurement, and construction. From now on, we will concentrate on upgrading equipments by technical cooperation with advanced foreign companies, and therefore raising local technical independence to achieve co-prosperity with clients. Based on our firm management philosophy, "The base of business is customers.", we are trying our best to satisfy our clients by supplying better products faster. Once again, we greatly appreciate your consistent cooperation and kind support for our company"s development. We promise you that Kyung Sung D.S will grow as "the best maker in the world", and remain as a company that provides the best value. Thank you.

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    We started as POONG-KWANG MACHINE factory on 15th June 1978 and we have been manufacturing the best quality products in the field of dyeing processing machine. We produce dyeing processing machines such as KNIT OPEN COMPACTOR, KNIT TUBE COMPACTOR, COMPRESSIVE SHRINKING RANGE MACHINE, GAS SINGEING MACHINE, KNIT MERCERIZING MACHINE, WOVEN MERCERIZING MACHINE, DEHYDRATOR, COMFIT MACHINE, SANDING MACHINE, AUTO CLOTH JOINING MACHINE, CONTINUOUS WASHING MACHINE etc. Especially, Sales records of KNIT OPEN COMPACTOR and KNIT MERCERIZING MACHINE are increasing double in Chinese market every year. We, also, have established our mass production system for KNIT TUBE COMPACTOR due to continual orders. Our dyeing processing machinery gains a lot of fames not only in domestic market but also in abroad. About 250 companies in Korea are using our machines at their factories and we have been exporting to 35 countries including Europe, U.S.A. and China. We are continuing every effort to improve performance and capacity of our machines with our own annex institutes. With a result of our effort, we bring out new product every two or three years and now, we are in the researches of the new Mercerzing machine which will produce innovative efficiency in that process. POONG KWANG MACHINE CO., LTD., also, joins international exhibitions two or three times annually. With the accumulated experiences and technologies, we surely promise to do our utmost to pursue best quality which is our all employee"s goal.