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Gyeonggi Incheon Machinery Industrial Cooperative

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This is a GIMICO's Member that Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning / Water treatment machine and Pump /
Stage Machinery / General Industries in Gyeonggi/Incheon

This subcommittee is based on the Gyeonggi Incheon Machinery Industry Cooperative Meeting Regulation 52. It is composed of producers of waterworks and sewage related products and the purpose of the subcommittee is to achieve a balanced growth by discovering various support policies and training policies to fit the characteristics of each field due to the need for the improvement of related machinery industry technology as well as strengthening of the cooperation in the industry.

Membership Qualification

Member companies that possess the facilities and personnel for the production and quality control of water-processing machinery and pump machinery


  • Cooperative technology development for the standardization of the member production and the improvement of technological level
  • Protect the rights and interests of the members and discover various support policies and projects for management stability
  • Collect opinions for the healthy development of the members and improve member management
  • Support the members in obtaining contracts to create demand and strengthen public relations

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    AQUS Inc.

    We are prividing a perfect solution for your drinking & waste water treatments. AQUS Inc. is a fast growing manufacturer of water treatment solutions of municipal and industrial applications in the area of drinking water, waste water and process technology and chemical industry. We provide our customers with advanced environmental technologies and quality products to offer you high-efficient, cost-effective solutions to your drinking water and waste water requirements. Our wide range of products and services disinfection system, dosing system, filtration technologies and instrumentation. Drawing upon our experties and experiences of the markets and processes we have an ability to meet the customers’ various challenges.

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    Blue Whale Screen, Inc.

    Blue Whale Screen is a manufacturer specialized in Superfine Screens of 1~5mm openings removing suspended solids from municipal and industrial wastewater. 21 patents are registered in Korea for our screens and 2 patents are registered respectively in USA and in China. Blue Whale has been awarded the Minister’s Award from the Korea Ministry of Environment. The Ministry of Science & Technology has nominated our "Micro-Bar Screen®" as the Excellent Korean Technology, and the Administrator of Public Procurement Service approved the screen as the Excellent Quality Product of Korea. Korean Government has revised the Design Guidelines of Sewerage System to install the super fine screens of 2~5mm openings at the headworks of the sewage treatment plants for preventing the clogging of the pumps and valves by removing the stringy materials and scum. There by over 1,500sets of Micro Bar Screens have been installed in sewage treatment plants in the past 12years globally.

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    ChangShin Machinery MFG.,CO.

    We would like to show my deepest gratitude for all your supports on our company"s products. After the foundation in 1983, we have been manufacturing only cycloid reducers and agitators to install them in clean, waste, and sewage works nationwide, and have helped in the domestic environment industry"s development. We will continue to invest in continuous technology development to merge all employees as one, and produce better products. Thank you again for all your support.

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    Cheonho Industry Co.,Ltd.,

    Welcome to Cheonho Industry Co.,Ltd., who is EPC company specialized in manufacturing and supplying plant and individual equipments as the solutions for waste recycling and new renewable energy manufacturing(as turn-key base). Our dedication to protecting the environment started in 1995. Since then, we have been focusing our R&D efforts on developing process plants used for the environment and energy sectors under the motto "human happiness can be achieved through beautiful nature." Resource recovery becomes more important in today"s environment and energy conditions, and waste management and recycling industry is expanding at home and abroad. We have exclusively developed creative process plant equipment based on our technology and experience and gained reputation for "practical effectiveness, cost effectiveness and eco-friendly features" by exporting products and transferring technology to foreign countries including China and Southeast Asian countries. We will continue our investment in R&D and localize our technology in many countries to provide custom waste management and recycling solutions for each country and play a key role in worldwide resource recycling.

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    Cheonsei Ind.Co.,Ltd

    CHEONSEI IND. CO., LTD. has realized customer satisfaction by establishing unique position and constant innovation in development, design, and manufacture of metering pump(chemical dosing pump). Since its foundation in the year 1980, Diaphragm Metering Pump(KD), Solenoid Metering Pump(SP), and Drum Pump(DR), Pulseless Metering Pump(PKD, PKP) which are applicable to variety job sites have developed and manufactured.